My name is Susan McCallum and I am a wife of a pastor (and my high school sweetheart). A mom to 5 beautiful kids. All of whom I adore.  We recently relocated to Carnduff, SK so my husband could accept his call into ministry.  We live a very full, energetic life, and I am so blessed to be able to share my passion through my art.  My passion is people.  I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, and being able to capture their beauty at any given time.  The story behind 'Infinity' happened when an 18 year old boy said to 16 year old girl, he wanted her for infinity.  From that point on that man has supported every dream and ambition I have ever had, and so 'Infinity Photography' was born.  Everyone has a story, why not share it through beautiful images!


I love being behind the lens!  I love seeing the very best in people and being able to capture it.  There are moments when you don't feel beautiful, or feel like your family is a mess, but for one amazing and fun afternoon I get to capture the true beauty in yourself or family.  It's those moments when you don't think I am watching, the little giggle in between shots as you fix your daughter's hair, or when the kids think the session is over so they start to get really silly, it's that pause right before you kiss your future husband, it's your father's tears when he looks at you in your wedding gown and realizes you aren't his little girl anymore.  I feel honoured and blessed to step into your world for a brief moment and capture these treasured memories for you and generations to come.  


I am a natural light, on location photographer.  I come to you at your favourite spot or share my own, and capture you in a comfortable and natural setting.  This could be outdoors with the sun setting, or it could be in your very own living room.  While I love my new rural life, I also look forward to traveling to where you are and experiencing new adventures! Thinking outside the box with you to achieve what the feel you are looking for is half the fun! I have been taking pictures professionally for 5 years now, and enjoy every moment I get to tell a piece of your life's journey through the lens.